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New pics and specifications of my latest Tesla coil!
These pictures show my 4 inch diameter Tesla coil throwing 44-50 inch sparks.
The smaller sphere is grounded and used as a target. The suspended sphere in
the lower right picture is hanging from a nylon line.  Power level is 1200 watts.
New Coil specifications

21 inch winding of AWG 24. 975 turns
on 4 inch PVC pipe

Resonant frequency unloaded:              395 KHZ
Resonant frequency with 19 X 6 toroid:    254 KHZ

tapered solenoid.  17 turns
8 inch diameter at bottom 12 inches at the top

Primary capacitance:
Two .03 mfd rolled caps in series. Total capacitance
.015 mfd. Each cap has 24 mils polyethylene dielectric in mineral oil

Spark gap:
Cylinder type gap with 9 series gaps spaced
.025 inch each. .225 inch total gap
cooling air supplied by vacuum cleaner motor

single 12kv/100ma neon sign transformer. 1200 watts

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